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ok work is crazy but i love it it is sooo much fun...
so yah havent posted in a long time i cant sleep s...
so iv come to the realization that im incredably p...
just found the old My Life Now in Sterio commics i...
so i just had the sweetest dream ever me and my g...
Nameless from now on
im a little tired and jaded went to the pne oh so ...
wooo im going through my old anime right now im a...
just because i think its funny and i was going thr...
ok i have a godawefull song that is actually purdy...

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Monday, November 06, 2006

ok work is crazy but i love it it is sooo much fun
and it was real wierd today i wa walking outside back to the main office and there were two girls outside waiting for their flight and they wanted to take a picture with me and a pic of them it was strange now i gotsta work on a project that is due tommorow and i wasnt able to start it this weekend because i started working and i came home late sunday night and i so need a car so i wouldnt need to get home wso late now im slow fucked haha anyways now to the project

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

so yah havent posted in a long time
i cant sleep
soo much has happened in the last while
oh so now my old is dead and hacked and as far as i know permanintly gone sigh

even though i lost my hotmail that i had had since grade 7 i gots me a job now thus i only mildly want to go on fun mood stabilizers so its all looking up for the kris man

scrubs awesome
in other news
new man equivalent for the push up bra but in stead of lifting and sepparating the man boobies it does the above mentioed to his (insert generic uphamism for the ballz here) yay guys now we can truly feel the push up equality
and no im not making this up i was reading the newspaper and was greeted by this fun story oh yesssss

oh my blue betta died today wile i was at work
so i bid adue to my litle kudos
and await the arival of kudos 2 meanwhile his supposeid girlfriend doesnt seem to care (i think she may have something to do with his early demise)

thats it now for this spewing of cranial diarhea and typing skills so im off

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

so iv come to the realization that im incredably pessimistic
its not that i think that almost everything ends in falure imjst working form past experience

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just found the old My Life Now in Sterio commics
i had all that were drawn in a folder in the old part of my computer
those files must be over 6 years old by now i think

My Life Now In Stereo

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so i just had the sweetest dream ever

me and my girlfriend were sitting in a generic coffe shop chatting with a friend and one of them asks us how we met so she tells me to tell the story so i decide to do the teling my way. well i start with we were at starbucks and i was with a friend and she was with a friend and i notice her from accross the room. my friend tells me to go tlk to her and i decide what the hell so i start walking over, this is the part where my volume starts to increase and everyone else in the coffe house starts to listn to my story so i keep talking and im almost loud enough for everyone to hear i can see some people straining to listn, i say i walk over to her and then i say tha tas you may or may not know i get really, and when i say that i vastly increase my volume so everyone can clearly hear me, shy when im talking to girls, this is aobut when one of the people in th eplace has a labtop out and has a mini synth board connected to his laptop and starts playing which is awesome with my story, so im walking up to her and and right before i get there i choke and turn and do something else as nonpathetically as i can. i say i walk back to my friend and told him what i did even though he was watching the whole time. abou this time while im telling to story my gf moves rught up next to me in prep for the last sart of the story so as soon as i start talking she pushes me over and sits on top of me just below my waist, so i continue taling and say that whe left before we did and after we were done we left and lo and behold guess who was waiting outside. she was and about now at im talking she grabs hold of the front of my shirt and starts moving around and i day and then as soon as we meet eyes she asks me, she says this "do you wantmy phone number" and while she is saying that she starts movig back and forth and then i said the only thing that i could think of "oh yes, oh GOD yes!!!" and then we both start laughing and she gets off and sits right up close to me the whole time the guy was following with the synth. it was awesome dream. after i was done teling the story there were two random people with questions. haha questions so i said "i guess we will be taking questions" and askthe firstguy and its bin too long since i had the dream so i frgot waht he said but the second guy now that was hilariuos the question that he gave. he said "now im in a loving commited relationship with my girlfriend but i was wondering if you two would ever consider a three way or a four way." now that is the lat thing that happenid before i woke up. first thought in my head What The FUCK lol
Best dream EVER! hahahahhahahaaha

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Nameless from now on

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

so bored
first day of school again and granted the first class was fun (one of the most entertaining profs iv ever had actually and a nice low percentage of uglees) so htat was the first two hours done and now only as og now 4 and a quarter hours left before i can go home woooooo

so i got out of bed this morning half an hour after i was suppose to get up and an hour after my alarm went off and i hadnt packed anything yet at all so i scrambled to find anything and everything that i needed for today
i couldnt find any paper so i had to grab a notebook which i was using to write down all my amazazazing webcommic and d&d and call of cthulhu campaign ideas most of which include zombies in some way

oh yah i got me som new movies, well not new but new to me
i got some zombie movie haha no surprise there, and dark water and i finally got around to getting aeon flux finally i mean really took me for frikkin ever

hurm im hungry now but dont really feel like eating
just had time to grab 2 apples and make myself three sammiches
made the tuna i will call it Paste last night
oh yah
it was actually purdy good
i used yellowfin tuna it is sooooooooooo very good
much better then that regular tuna crap hahahahah
oh well
i want more though
so tasty oh yah

i think i will go eat now
if im still bored later i will be back

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Monday, August 28, 2006

im a little tired and jaded
went to the pne
oh so much fun i had
umm got a new pet whos name is now tinkergong
its a hedgehog
when he rolls up he looks like a bean, a very spikey bean hahaha
just watched a movie
loved it and not just for the eye candy (who am i kidding it was all about the eye candy haha) oh and i do so love b horror movies
thats it as in all i can reember

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

im going through my old anime right now
im at card captor sakura season 3
all the sugar soo much sugar oh why the sugar
my braiiiiiiin
and i still need to go through all the other stuff
but when i do i will have much more stroage room
i gots me a really nice container for my anime now lol
anyhoo back to the viewing

wooo chobits hahaha
handmaid may wooo
ok yah bored with this now too many lol

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just because i think its funny and i was going through my old pic files
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Monday, July 10, 2006

ok i have a godawefull song that is actually purdy good in my head i heard it on drawn together its a Hi frikkin larious cartoon show

here are the lyrics

i wanted you to know
performed by Brooke Ramel

Do you like how I sing a love song?
Do you like Vincent Van Gogh?
I like to walk the streets at midnight
I wanted you to know

That I'm really not like this, so lost and in question
But so much has been left unsaid
I fill in the blank spots and guess at the hard parts
Will you like my mom and dad?

Do you give lessons on how to love you?
Is my poetry simple and small?
I like to stay in bed on Mondays
I wanted you to know.

Will you hold me if I cry and stay by my side till I sleep?
Sometimes I still miss my first love, he gave his heart to me
But now I want you here with me

Do you believe love's forever?
Do you know what dreams are for?
I want to love you the best I can
I wanted you to know
I wanted you to know

my brains they cry out in pain

i am sosooooooo tired right now
i had to get up at 7 but slept in for two hours so i was 15 in late in getting to scotts house to watch the world cup final and of course the only two real goals were scored then
but of course i was thinking that it owuld be ok bc nothing ever happens in the first 15 min of the game nope Gerrrr
but the french captans red card TOTALLY made up for it
that was frikkin HILARIOUS next time i see one of you and you mention watchign the world cup im so going to head butt your chest and then say i zidaned you lol

so my non whore of a hamster isnt pregnant
i blame the boy
i know he did her like 5 times but i guess the poor boy is just too old

im giong to sleep now tired
those crazy frenchmen lol

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